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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 28

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 28: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 28

Father Xiao and Zhao Li had the same reaction.

The moment he saw Xiao Yan, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t surprised.

You can say that in theory, Xiao Yan was the son that he abandoned.

Otherwise, with his character, it was impossible to send Xiao Yan here to fend for himself.

Even coming here to see him this time was inadvertently mentioned by Zhao Li, saying that the tutor found seemed very reliable and made Xiao Yan have a great change.

But in fact, Father Xiao didn’t have any expectations at all. As for Xiao Yan, what kind of big change could he possibly have?

It would be nice if he doesn’t make him lose face!

(TL: Readers familiar with Chinese novels know that losing face means being embarrassed or something similar)

But now, the teenager that appeared before him, with a handsome and gentle appearance, clean and pure temperament, and looking at his appearance, it can be taken out to make up for his face.

Father Xiao on one side felt inconceivable and on the other side, he felt a little bit of concealed pride——this is his kid.

He didn’t think that this is the credit of the tutor. It is clearly because his genes are excellent enough.

After that…… He saw the woman near Xiao Yan and the two people’s hand that are connected.

Father Xiao’s eyes sank almost visible to the naked eye.

“Who is this woman?” He didn’t wait for Xiao Yan to speak first and asked him directly.

Xiao Yan and Ah Zhao looked at each other. Ah Zhao opened her mouth: “Mr. Xiao, I’m Xiao Yan’s family……”

“I am asking Xiao Yan.”

Father Xiao snorted and didn’t even give Ah Zhao a glance: “I asked my own son a question. Why am I getting the answer from others?”

He sharply gazed at Xiao Yan.

In full view, Xiao Yan looked at him but instead saw something resembling something threatening. His eyes flashed a hint of panic and without saying anything, he hid behind Ah Zhao.

Ah Zhao: “......”

Father Xiao: “......”

Zhao Li: “......”

Seeing this scene, Zhao Li subconsciously revealed a smile but it soon disappeared.

With only this action of Xiao Yan, she already understood that she doesn’t need to do anything.

This is enough for Father Xiao to execute Xiao Yan in his heart.

Sure enough, Father saw Xiao Yan, who is nearly one meter eight tall, unrelentingly shrinking behind a woman. He angrily smashed the cup in front of him directly.

He had a lot of anger to vent but unfortunately, before he could roar out, he was cut off by a soft sweet-sounding female voice:

“Mr. Xiao, this teacup is very expensive……”

Xiao Yan, who was hiding behind Ah Zhao, nearly laughed out loud.

How can his teacher be so cute?

That old thing, he’s afraid that he’s going to be foolish, right?

Father Xiao with an ashen look glared at Ah Zhao. His expression is terrifying.

It’s a pity that Ah Zhao is not afraid of him at all. This human body is already past the prime of his life and only relies on his imposing manner to bluff.

Ah Zhao is the most unafraid of these imaginary things. She also stared at Father Xiao.

Father Xiao was trembling in anger at this unworthy son and this baffling woman.

Just at this time, Xiao Mo whiningly went downstairs, only to see his cold and unreasonable big brother frighteningly hiding behind others. He all of a sudden laughed out loud:

“Big Brother Xiao Yan, how can you hide behind others and shiver like a dog……”

His words were interrupted by Zhao Li: “Mo Mo, how can you say that?”

Father Xiao saw the younger son and his expression gradually relaxed. He coldly snorted: “What Brother Xiao Yan? You don’t have a brother.”

He looked at the direction of Xiao Yan and Ah Zhao in disgust. He got up and walked away.

From beginning to the end, Xiao Yan didn’t say a word to him.

[End of Chapter 28]


  1. I don't see why people give birth to children if they can't provide love and support to them 😠😠 might as well not have any kids of they're gonna treat their own flesh and blood as trash.
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