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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 27

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 27: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 27

Xiao Mo couldn’t help but scream.

Butler: “......”

He couldn’t help but look at Xiao Mo. He was afraid that he thinks that this little Young Master was also somewhat retarded.

Of course, it was impossible for him to say this. After all, he must still follow Zhao Li.

“Young Master Xiao Mo, are you all right?” He asked at once.

Xiao Mo held his feet while he leaned against the wall, waiting for the door in front of him to open with hate: “I’m fine. Butler, smash this door for me!”

Butler: “......”

He has always heard rumors about this Young Master Xiao Mo. It was said that his IQ was extremely high and that the Madam educated him well. When he was no more than ten years old, he already jumped to middle school. He also heard that he already know how to play three kinds of music instruments and even have a little experience in painting…...

But seeing him today…...

The butler decided to remain silent.

“Kacha” The door opened.

Xiao Yan’s figure appeared at the door with Ah Zhao standing beside him.

“Did father come to see me?” Xiao Yan asked.
The butler clearly saw it. Although Young Master Xiao Yan tried to make himself appear calm, the expectation in his eyes is nevertheless revealed without a doubt.

Sure enough, it was still a teenager who longs for his father’s concern.

Still waiting for him to answer, Xiao Mo, who was standing by the side and ignored, was already resentful and yelled: “Are you my brother, Xiao Yan?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes sank.

Xiao Mo.

These two words circled around his mouth twice.

He could never forget the way the other person smiled and trampled on his cat to death.

Even if Xiao Mo was only four years old at that time.

Some things cannot be forgiven just because you are too young.

Not to mention that until now, he had never heard Xiao Mo apologize.

Xiao Yan glanced at him and didn’t speak.

Xiao Mo pouted his mouth in unhappiness but he didn’t get angry.

His eyes turned and he suddenly said out loud: “Brother Xiao Yan, you don’t have a good door at all. It hit my foot. You should tear it down!”

(TL: I want to virtually slap this kid but that’s virtual child abuse…

E/N: No, that's called proper education.)
Xiao Yan didn’t answer him but Ah Zhao couldn’t help but laugh.

“The door can’t move. How can it hit you?”

Xiao Mo foolishly looked at Ah Zhao, only thinking that this woman was more beautiful than his own mother.

He only stared at Ah Zhao and didn’t speak. Xiao Yan’s originally calm eyes darkened.

“Father must’ve been waiting for a while. Let go downstairs first.” He said and he passed them without their consent. He took Ah Zhao’s hand and went downstairs.

Father Xiao and Zhao Li were already sitting on the sofa while Aunt Zhao poured tea for the two.

Father Xiao didn’t look at it while Zhao Li picked it up and sipped a little before putting it down. She didn’t touch it again afterwards.

The two people heard the footsteps and looked over——The teenager in a simple white shirt came together with a beautiful girl.

Zhao Li was shocked to see such a Xiao Yan.

Although she didn’t intend to let go of this stepson, at the bottom of her heart, Zhao Li didn’t put Xiao Yan in her eyes.

According to the photos and information regularly sent back to her by the butler, Xiao Yan should have an introverted and gloomy look that makes other people dislike him.

Who can tell her who this beautiful teenager with a peaceful temperament and full of the taste of first love in front of her is?

She remembered that the butler said that Xiao Yan changed tremendously in the past six months…...

Zhao Li looked at the woman who was with Xiao Yan. She was very clear about this person or it can be said that she personally picked her.

Originally, she was very satisfied with Ah Zhao. But now she somehow doubted her own trick, whether it was right…...

This change…… Isn’t it too big?

She subconsciously turned to her husband, Xiao Hansheng.

[End of Chapter 27]

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TL: Sorry, I didn't get to post a chapter yesterday. I had to enroll for the new semester. I think that maybe I should just post 3-4 chapters a week (plus the sponsored chapters) or continue the current schedule of the supposedly every 2 days. Let me know what you think. 


  1. Thank you for this chapter! Hope you continue translating this story ^_^

  2. He, he, he trampled a cat to death? Demolish him!

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