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Sunday, January 06, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 25


Chapter 25: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 25

Xiao Yan’s heart shook.

In this moment, he wanted to show his true face to question Ah Zhao on what she really wanted.

But he held back.

“What do you mean, teacher?” As if the boy heard something terrible, he stared at Ah Zhao with his eyes wide open.

Ah Zhao calmly said: “I meant what I said in my words. What’s your answer?”

Xiao Yan was silent.

Ah Zhao sighed. She took the initiative to walked over to him and pat him on his shoulder.

“I know that you may be very upset. But it’s been six years he hasn’t heard about you since he had thrown you into this place alone. Your father and son relationship had been consumed with practically nothing left.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes tightly locked on her: “But if I deceive them and pretend in front of them, Doesn’t teacher feel that my mind is deep and that I’m a terrible person?”

“How could that be possible?” Ah Zhao retorted in surprise.

“How you conduct yourself to them, isn’t it mutual?”

“When other people treat me like a dog, do I still have to treat them like a God?”

“Returning evil with good, what use is it to return with kindness?”

“And besides——” Ah Zhao seriously looked at Xiao Yan, “You father and stepmother are so ruthless to you.”

There were unmasked disgust and aversion in her tone: “What else do you think they’re doing?”

Xiao Yan quietly looked at her and didn’t speak.

Looking at Ah Zhao... it was somewhat indescribable.

She reached out and touched her own face: “Is there something on my face?”

Xiao Yan smiled and stepped forward. He’s only a foot away from Ah Zhao

He leaned down. He already had a body close to an adult’s physique. Such a move made Ah Zhao feel that the whole space seemed cramped.

“Teacher said so many words. In fact, it’s all for me, right?”

It was slightly revealing an ambiguous action. Ah Zhao could even feel Xiao Yan’s breath on the side of her face when he talked.

The feeling of her face heating up again came up. Ah Zhao unconsciously licked her lips: “That, that’s natural. We’ve always been close to each other. After all, you’re my student.”

Xiao Yan stared at Ah Zhao’s lips which became abnormally rosy because of her action.

It looked very delicious.

He gave a sweeping glance. He took the initiative to retreat a second before Ah Zhao couldn’t bear the strange atmosphere. He took a step back.

“I’ll listen to teacher.”

Ah Zhao subconsciously replied with one word: “En?”

Xiao Yan’s gaze concentrated on her: “I believe that teacher is the best person for me. Whatever teacher says is for my own good.”

“I’ll listen to teacher’s opinion.”

It couldn’t be helped but to be said that these words made Ah Zhao unable to smoothen her heart.

Who wasn’t happy that their painstaking efforts could be understood by the other party?

Xiao Yan’s remarks made Ah Zhao only think that all her efforts are not in vain.

The corner of her lips raised high. Nevertheless, she had a deadpan expression on her face: “You can’t just listen to my words alone. You have to know how to judge the gains and losses.”

As she scarcely realized, she was not very good at controlling her emotions.

Xiao Yan just thought that if the emotions can be manifested, the other side must have a tail behind her swinging around due to her excitement.

This kind of teacher…...

En, very cute.

The next day.

Nothing changed in Ah Zhao and Xiao Yan’s life because of the sudden news.

The two people went out as usual for their morning exercise. After eating breakfast when they came back, they went to the study to start the class.

The butler watched all this and thought that the willpower of these two people are big.

He tactfully called out to Ah Zhao: “Miss Xu, have you not done any preparations for the coming visit of Sir and Madam?”

[End of Chapter 25]

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