December 27, 2019

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 18

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 18: Is there a thief?

A few buckets of paint to carry on back home, and the next step is to paint the house and organize things

Su Nuo folded some pointed hats with newspaper, then put them on her brother, mother and grandmother

December 21, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 17

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 17: One day sunny and three days cloudy, young master

The home decoration market is a little distant, Su Yang borrowed a bicycle and went with Su Nuo.

It ́s sitting in the back seat of his brother's bicycle, the happy Su Nuo is like a kindergarten child, each hand tightly holding his brother's waist, itching to stick her face to her brother’s back.

It's nice to have a brother! Past life… Past life brother was tragically involved in a car accident. He had been away from her for a long time

Su Nuo is inexplicably sad, secretly choked but she has been cheering up right away, because this world would be different.

Su Yang occasionally turned back and laughs, teasing Su Nuo: "You are going to break your brother's waist. Besides, you are a big girl, so you can't stick to your brother like this”

“No, I'm going to stick to you” Su Nuo rubbed her face on Su Yang's back, and took one breath, as if to suck her brother's taste into the lungs, "My brother is the most handsome, the best tempered and the best at learning. I like my brother very much”

Su Yang laughs shaking his head, the bike ride more stable, afraid of jolting Su Nuo.

The brother and sister talked and laughed all the way, but did not notice that a military vehicle was driving from behind

Gu Chenglan was sitting bored to death, with one hand on his head looked out of the window.

He was going back to Northern China, but the driver didn’t get a soft-sleeper ticket. When he was guilty of this young master, he said that he would not go back.

[TL: The soft sleeper cabin is the first-class sleeping cabin on long distance trains, with the most expensive ticket price and of course best treatment.]

The periphery is a little bit famous scenery area which is overcrowded, Gu Chenglan had to let the driver take him around in the street.

Suddenly, Gu Chenglan saw two people riding in front of him, Su Nuo in the back seat smiled brightly and held the waist of the boy in front.

That intimate posture, that lovely to flash smile, suddenly felt dazzling in Gu Chenglan's eyes.

But within a flash, the car has surpassed the two people riding the bicycle

Gu Chenglan looked back with a frown, he thought did the cyclist looks like Su Yang? But he didn't see it clearly.

“Stop” Gu Chenglan all of a sudden tapped the driver’s shoulder.

“Young master, here's the…”

“Let you stop and stop, how is so much nonsense” Gu Chenglan is like a leopard with its hair on fire, the momentum is dangerous at once.

The driver didn’t dare to take care of the no parking signs anymore and stopped the car at the roadside.

Gu Chenglan’s body moved to the other side of the car window, put his hand on his forehead, blocking most of his face. Only a pair of eyes were exposed, silently watching the people riding the bike from behind.

Finally, he saw Su Yang riding through the window, in the back seat was laughing a careless Su Nuo.

“Let's go” Gu Chenglan bent the corner of the mouth, inexplicable his temper is gone, a tiny speck of pride took over him.

After thinking about it, Gu Chenglan patted the driver on the shoulder again: “Take me home. I'll give you a holiday today”

The driver was in a daze and promised, yet it did not dare to ask more.

The prince of Northern China town came here, and the temper of a sunny day and three cloudy days was always uncertain. Now suddenly gave himself a vacation, he would like to hurry to hide far.

Su Nuo has been being unaware of another fortuitous encounter, finally has arrived to the home decoration market with her older brother to choose the paint.

Su Nuo tries to select a cheap, fresh and beautiful color, moreover pays special attention that formaldehyde (HCHO) content doesn’t exceed the standard parameters

In just one breath compares 10 paints, only then to buy the paint that finally let her satisfied

It’s not just Su Yang who is amazed by Su Nuo performance, even the big brother who sells paint didn't imagine the little girl to be an expert

Su Nuo smiled, and didn't explain much. She just wants her family to be healthy and happy.

[End of Chapter 17]

December 13, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 16

Translator: Huntress

Chapter 016: Small Renovation

After Su Nuo introduced herself again for the third time, she turned around and left without hesitation.

Gu Chenglan was left with a stubborn and haughty back.

Gu Chenglan, I can follow your figure. I will be nostalgic for your gaze. However, she will not stoop low for love.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me today. Sooner or later, I will make you remember me and you’ll always keep my name in the back of your mind.

I’m not in a hurry because we’ll both be together for the rest of our lives anyway. I will approach you and reach out to you. I will make you love me and I will love you even more.

Gu Chenglan's eyes, which had been squinting lazily all along, were suddenly round, his eyes are slightly upturned, a bit charming, but at this time he is completely surprised.

Is this little girl playing hard to get with him?

The corner of Gu Chenglan’s mouth shallowly ticked and gently said with a voice only he could hear: “Su…… Nuo.”

What Gu Chenglan never thought was that the little girl he assumed to be deliberate will actually disappear for several days. More specifically, it’s for ten days.

After that day, Su Nuo goes to school with her brother. Whenever she sees the figure of Gu Chenglan, she would quietly hide behind her brother.

Wherever Gu Chenglan shows up, there will always be a crowd of girls scrabbling madly for him around so it wasn’t difficult to find him.

However, Gu Chenglan who was surrounded by a lot of girls will realize that finding Su Nuo is very unlikely.

In a blink of an eye, “May 1st” Golden Week arrived. At that time, May 1st is International Labor Day and there is a 7-day vacation. The tourist attractions in various places are all crowded to the max.

The Su Family had never gone out to travel. In addition, the mood is not good due to her father’s death so they never thought of it.

However, it’s not realistic for their family to stay at home for seven days in a row. Su Nuo gave it some thought for a while before she proposed to do a small and simple renovation.

Her father had been seriously sick for a few years. Not to say that their whole family savings were all spent, they also failed to maintain their house. The supposedly white walls are not yellowish and the concrete floor has some holes. 

Although Su Nuo doesn’t know exactly how to renovate, she had lived alone for many years in the previous life. She’s still good at making a simple fix to make their home comfortable.

“Mom, you should first clean grandma and brother’s rooms first. My brother and I will buy paint. At night, grandma and I will share a bed while brother will sleep on the floor.

“I will paint the living room and our room tomorrow and fix the floors in passing. Then we can take the bus to go to the farmhouse in the countryside to have fun. 

“When we come back, the paint will be dried then it will be okay to arrange the furniture and hang the curtains.” Su Nuo made reasonable plans for the holiday period and the schedule was full.

She’s not actually squandering. It’s also not because the house is too shabby. She just hopes that her mother, her brother and her grandmother will be able to come out of the shadow of losing their loved ones as soon as possible.

It would be good for their home to be redecorated and changed into a fresh and clean environment.

Su Nuo’s mother, Fang Yalan, was dumbstruck by Su Nuo’s arrangements. She had been the mistress of this home for the past 20 years only to discover that her daughter became better at planning than her.

Su Yang was also surprised by the change in his sister, but he felt even more gratified. His sister became more sensible and grew up. She can let their mother forget the pain of losing their father. This is also his own wish.

“Mom, hug me.” Su Nuo didn’t give any more explanations. She just happily hugged her mother’s neck and acted spoiled.

Fang Yalan’s heart suddenly felt soft when her daughter hugged her. She thought that this was her daughter’s thoughtfulness for her to cheer up. She quickly nodded: “Alright, we’ll do it according to Su Nuo’s plans.”

“Brother, let’s go.” Su Nuo smiled as she swings her ponytail then she pulled her brother outside.

[End of Chapter 016]

December 06, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 15

Chapter 015: Foolish matter

After Su Nuo helped her grandmother settle down, she went back to school. Even though she spent a lot of time and got a little tired going back and forth, Su Nuo still felt happy inside.

Before she even reached the school gate, she once again saw a group of girls crowding around.

November 30, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 14

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 014: Grandma's heart

Su Nuo asked, grandma smiles, even more, a pair of narrowed eyes, “Where do you have a distant cousin, it's for your brother and you”

“Is for my brother and ...I?” Su Nuo ́s small heart suddenly skipped a heartbeat *thump thump* Subconsciously thinking on Gu Chenglan, her face turned red

“Although it ́s early, but grandma knows she can ́t live until those days, so first prepare some small things for my great-grandchildren”

Grandma sighed as she said it: “Xiao Nuo, actually grandma insisted on coming back to your house, grand is aware of the difficult situation at home; also, I'm like this, I have to drag you down. But…”

“Grandma, don't say it” Su Nuo understood at once, pounced over and kneeled at the bedside, clinging tightly to grandma ́s body

“Grandma isn't old and confused. I know what your uncle and aunt have been doing. But they are my children after all. I can't do anything about them”

Grandma gently stroked Su Nuo's hair and said softly: “But if I don't come back, your family will have to pay for alimony every month, I'm an old lady who's going into the land soon, who can ́t consume much; moreover when I came here, all my pension money will go to your family. That's all grandma can leave you

Su Nuo knows, she knew all the time that grandma was a kind-hearted old lady, who tried to be fair with her children.

Grandma knows what aunts and uncles do, but grandma isn't healthy and paralyzed in bed, really needs to be taken care of.

If grandma comes over earlier, they should have been taking care of their seriously ill father and also had to take care of grandma, they would be really too busy to do anything else.

Now grandma insists on coming back, and truly plans to leave everything she can to Su Nuo's family.

Su Nuo understood the elderly's heart. But she couldn't help being sad. She didn't want grandma to think about it.

“Grandma, you set your mind at ease in our home we like you, my brother and I are you brought up, always want to have the opportunity to good filial piety you” Su Nuo quietly wiped away the tears on the face, raised his head to give grandma a very bright smile

“Good child, grandma doesn't love you in vain” grandmother also smiled, but the corner of the eye there is a crystal fine tear.

Su Nuo helped grandma to go to the toilet, afterward washed her hands and had a hot meal together.

Grandma’s hands don’t have strength, furthermore in the morning weaving the sweater for a while, I was barely able to serve a bowl of food by myself, and I couldn't help Su Nuo to clip vegetables

Because the family has always solely relied on her mother's wages, so the conditions at home aren’t good, there is merely one or two dishes for each meal.

Grandma is hardly willing to eat, almost all food clip to Su Nuo

Su Nuo is eating with tears in her eyes and suddenly feels that she shouldn’t only study hard, but also make money to supplement her family.

My brother goes to deliver milk every morning, what else can I do? It's time to think about it carefully.

After lunch, Su Nuo cleaned up the kitchen, she took a pot of green peas and put them on her grandma's bedside, “Grandma, please help me peel the pods, I’m going to school.”

It isn’t tiring to peel the pods. It also exercises the flexibility of the fingers. Su Nuo deliberately finds something for her grandmother to do so as to avoid her being bored.

And like this grandma will not feel that she is a drag, the mood will be much better.

These matters she didn’t understand in a past life, she remembers that she only knew to cry with her grandmother.

[End of Chapter 014]

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November 22, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 13

Translator: Huntress

Chapter 013: Embarrassing, he’s not waiting for her.

Su Nuo thought that there was a random inspection for a “gate pass” by a teacher.

In order to keep the students safe and easy to manage, the students who go home to eat must show proof that they are allowed to go home to their teacher.

November 15, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 12

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 012: Best friend

Zheng Mingming was not angry when Su Nuo refused, she pressed her chubby body on top of Su Nuo ́s book, and asked: “Let's go to the riverside to play after school, I heard that a new batch of toys arrived at the ring toss, the doll's eyes will move.”

Ring toss - It's a carnival game

The ring toss game is almost a tradition; even in the 21st century, it can also be seen occasionally on the riverside and in the square.

November 08, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 11

Chapter 011: Strive to study

As soon as Su Nuo reached her seat, Mr. Wu, the class teacher, came in.

Mr. Wu teaches mathematics. Every time, he would take a big triangle ruler(三角板) in class. He likes to poke the key points on the blackboard with one end of the triangle board, so the students called him "Triangle Wu".

October 31, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 10


Chapter 010: I’ll forgive you, little tsundere.

Gu Chenglan continued to walk forward. For no reason, he obviously already knows the way but he still didn’t drive the girl away.

Moreover, Gu Chenglan would steal a glance back from time to time. He would see the little girl trotting to keep up with him like a little tail and he would feel a little refreshed in his heart.

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 9

Chapter 009: That school bag is too ugly.

Originally, Su Nuo only needed to walk through the faculty dormitory to save time. Now, she just wants to make the road become longer.

Su Nuo passed by the fourth dormitory and turned right, then after she passed by the third dormitory, she turned left again.

October 24, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 8


Chapter 008: My name is Su Nuo, it’s nice to meet you.

Su Nuo doesn’t know if she should feel joy or apprehension in her heart.

Obviously, the person she loves for a lifetime is right in front of her. This kind of feeling of losing something then regaining it again made her stir up in ecstasy that made her body shudder.

October 18, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 7

Chapter 007: Meeting Gu Chenglan again

Su Yang went to Aunt Zhou’s home to pick his mother while Su Nuo went back to the house to talk to her grandmother.

October 15, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 6

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Chapter 006: One sentence: If thrown on the floor, it will make a sound(ζŽ·εœ°ζœ‰ε£°)

In just a few words, Su Nuo had completely subdued her second aunt, Han Cuiying.

Han Cuiying’s heart started to beat like a drum but she doesn’t want to run with her tail between her legs. She asked: “You…… what else is there?”

October 10, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 5


Chapter 005: Don’t lower oneself to a shrew’s level

Su Nuo looked back to see her watch Su Yang bring their grandmother inside the only. Only then did she slowly turned back to look at Han Cuiying.

October 07, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 4


Chapter 004: Second Aunt Came to their Door

Su Nuo’s heart suddenly felt warm. In the previous life, Gu Chenglan ignored the danger and faced death for herself.

The heavens gave them one more chance. So even if there are big misunderstandings and more problems, she must be firm and be together with Gu Chenglan.

October 06, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 3


Chapter 3: The encounter happened earlier

“Mom, you still have me and my brother. Our family will be alright.”

Su Nuo still remembers that in the past life, she continued to wake up crying and cried herself to sleep every day because she couldn’t accept the fact that her father had already died.

October 03, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 2


Chapter 002: Her rebirth

Su Nuo felt something splash on her face. It’s wet, warm and a little rusty.

September 27, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 1


Chapter 001: Xiao Nuo, I’m late

The dark, damp warehouse was filled with the pungent smell of mold.
Surrounded by black-clothed people who stared at her like fierce tigers watching their prey, Su Nuo can only curl up while shivering on the gloomy and cold corner.
*Tap* *Tap* The sound of high heels approached closer. A woman wearing a red windbreaker stood in front of Su Nuo and looked at her condescendingly.

March 10, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 44


Chapter 44: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold [END]

Ah Zhao accompanied Xiao Yan for many years.

The second year after Ah Zhao woke up, her body was finally completely restored. She and Xiao Yan also transitioned into a romantic relationship.

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 43


Chapter 43: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 43

The woman only took a look at Ah Zhao before weeping bitter tears and kneeling down to beg for forgiveness——She’s accustomed to kneeling in the temple anyway.

Ah Zhao has a dumbfounded face. It took a long time for her to finally understand what transpired.

February 24, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 42


Chapter 42: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 42

Ah Zhao: “......”

She feels like having a headache: “Can you please respect my opinion?”

Xiao Yan nodded: “Of course, I can.”

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 41


Chapter 41: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 41

Xiao Yan, who was holding her, heard her and laughed low: “It’s just right. Teacher, I also have something to tell you.”

Ah Zhao subconsciously put an attitude of herself being in the position of an elder: “Then you start.”

February 17, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 40


Chapter 40: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 40

At this moment, Xiao Yan is sitting his study. His expressionless expression faces the computer screen.

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 39


Chapter 39: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 39

When Ah Zhao woke up again, the system no longer called out for her to wake up.

Xiao Yan is not present either.

February 08, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 37


Chapter 37: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 37

Ah Zhao watched herself get carried by Xiao Yan as he walked all the way the bathroom.

The most terrible thing is that after entering the bathroom, Xiao Yan doesn’t even have any intention to go out.

February 04, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 36

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February 02, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 35


Chapter 35: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 35

Xiao Yan looked at the people in the plaza and he seemed to be very focused.

January 31, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 34


Chapter 34: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 34

Right when Ah Zhao came down from the carousel, Xiao Yan already had ice cream in his hand.
(TL: Sorry, I can’t help it, but isn’t he holding two cotton candies in his hands, too? Imagine it.)

January 30, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 33

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Chapter 33: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 33

At that moment, he almost wanted to gnash his teeth. He wanted to open his mouth and speak to let the woman in front of him choose again.

January 28, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 32

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Chapter 32: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 32

Ah Zhao didn’t speak.

It was because she always felt that there was something amiss.

However, she didn’t know what exactly had gone wrong. As a result, she chose to ask for the help of the system.

January 21, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 31

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Chapter 31: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 31

Aunt Zhang was startled for a moment. She didn’t know how to react to what Xiao Yan meant with his words.

January 20, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 30

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Chapter 30: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 30

Ah Zhao frowned

She didn’t say much. She just pushed the bowl of soup on the table to Aunt Zhang: “I don’t mean anything. I’ll give this soup to Aunt Zhang for you to drink.”

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 29

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Chapter 29: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 29

Zhao Li took her bag and stood up. She looked back at the two before hurriedly following.

Xiao Mo coldly snorted at Xiao Yan and pulled a face before also smugly following out.

January 10, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 28

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Chapter 28: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 28

Father Xiao and Zhao Li had the same reaction.

The moment he saw Xiao Yan, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t surprised.

January 09, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 27

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Chapter 27: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 27

Xiao Mo couldn’t help but scream.

Butler: “......”

He couldn’t help but look at Xiao Mo. He was afraid that he thinks that this little Young Master was also somewhat retarded.

January 07, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 26

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Chapter 26: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 26

Ah Zhao thought that the butler’s words are very weird.

“What should I prepare for?” She asked in return.

January 06, 2019

January 05, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 24

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Chapter 24: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 24

Sir? Madam?

The male lead’s father and stepmother?

January 04, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 23

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Chapter 23: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 23

By the time they came downstairs, the doctor had arrived.

January 03, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 22

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Chapter 22: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 22

“Teacher? Teacher?” 

Ah Zhao slept in a daze and felt that someone was calling her.

January 02, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 21

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Chapter 21: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 21

It was not the smell of perfume.

Her smell was just like her own body. It’s fresh and not aggressive.