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December 24, 2018

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 19

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 19: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 19

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“Teacher, you’re a little slow today.” Xiao Yan who was running in front stopped and looked back at Ah Zhao.

From daybreak, Ah Zhao felt a little dizzy and her feet were soft. She doesn’t have any strength.

The moment she heard Xiao Yan’s words, she simply stopped.

“Your legs are too long.” Ah Zhao looked at Xiao Yan with envy.

In six months, Xiao Yan grew a total of ten centimeters!

The teenager, who was originally one meter seven tall, looked more and more like an adult.

Xiao Yan had a smile on his face when he said to her: “It’s teacher who’s begun to be lazy.”

In this period of time, Xiao Yan discovered Ah Zhao’s real nature.

In the beginning, his teacher was full of spirit while shouting at him every morning to exercise.

One or two months later, he had developed the habit to exercise every morning while Ah Zhao started to get a little lazy.

Even if she still went outside later to accompany him, but she also looked for a variety of reasons to depend on so that she won’t move anymore.

Xiao Yan was actually quite moved in his heart be he clearly knows that this person wakes up so early every day to call him to go together. In the end, it is for whom?

He was only a sixteen-year-old boy. After so many years, facing such a person who really cares about him, it was impossible to say that he wasn’t touched by it.

Xiao Yan secretly said to himself: As long as Xu Zhao continues to treat him like this, whatever her purpose is and even if she is only pretending, he is willing to always be deceived by her.

As long as she keeps lying to him all the time.

He is willing to get deceived.

(自欺欺人 = to deceive others and deceive oneself)

(TL: OMG! Xiao Yan, I thought you finally believed in Ah Zhao after the last chapter?! Why are you still in doubt?)

Ah Zhao looked at the boy in front of her who had a smile and was walking to her. Her vision suddenly turned black.

The smile on Xiao Yan’s lips suddenly fell.

He watched as the person who was smiling at him a second ago suddenly softly fall down.


At this moment, a powerful force suddenly broke out of his body. Before Ah Zhao hit the ground, Xiao Yan had already hugged her body.

Ah Zhao didn’t lose consciousness, she somewhat shook her head dazedly: “I’m a little dizzy……”

Xiao Yan pursed his lips and reached out to touch her forehead——it was scalding hot.

“Teacher, you have a high fever."

A fever? Ah Zhao blinked twice.

“Marshmallow, I actually have a fever?” She asked the system in amazement.

A matter like having a fever is a fresh experience for her.

Marshmallow flashed twice and somewhat embarrassingly said: “Eh…… I forgot to tell the host that after crossing into the mission world, you will have the same body as the ordinary human body. It’s normal to have mortality.”

Ah Zhao curiously touched her forehead. It was a little hot, she felt dizzy, and her body didn’t have strength.

So this is what it feels like to have a fever?

Xiao Yan silently watched her behavior.

He inwardly sighed in relief: “Teacher knows how to be concerned about my health but haven’t discovered anything wrong in your own body?”

Ah Zhao gently coughed: “I haven’t paid too much attention?”

She had been in the system space for so many years and she never had any illness.

She said that and held Xiao Yan’s hand for support to stand up

Her health was slightly impeding her. She had only stood for two seconds and she already felt her feet shake.

Xiao Yan watched her. He was silent for a moment and then he suddenly bent down and crouched in front of her.


Ah Zhao looked at him with doubt.

Xiao Yan said with a low voice: “I’ll carry you on my back, teacher.”

Ah Zhao’s eyes widened then the pair of eyes even went bright.

“Xiao Yan, you want to carry me on your back?”

Xiao Yan didn’t understand why she was so happy. He somehow felt uneasy. He pursed the corner of his lips and said: “I was afraid you’ll move slowly and be late for breakfast.”

[End of Chapter 19]

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