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Monday, December 24, 2018

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 17

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 17: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 17

Ah Zhao said in her mind that a child who lacks love was like this. He’ll be easily satisfied if you give him a little warmth.

She coaxed him: “That’s because you don’t go out much right now and you have yet to meet more people.”

Xiao Yan refused to agree with her words. He only stubbornly repeated: “There is no better person than teacher.”

Even if there was one, that person was not the person in front of him.

Ah Zhao has no way but to go along with him: “Alright, why don’t you let go of teacher first?”

Xiao Yan didn’t say anything else this time and obediently let go of Ah Zhao.

Ah Zhao placed the medicine on his hand and said: “Now, come with me to the study.”

She had not forgotten her duty.

In fact, Ah Zhao thinks that Xiao Yan should go to school. The role of a school for a student is by far more simple the knowledge taught.

That is something a tutor cannot replace.

But not to mention the Xiao family’s situation, Xiao Yan’s current circumstances itself were not suitable for school.

She could only try to teach him everything she can.

Fortunately, although the system was not very useful in many aspects, it could infuse knowledge and skills into Ah Zhao’s mind.

Because she didn’t know the current learning progress of Xiao Yan, Ah Zhao could only give him a few test papers.

Soon, she found out that Xiao Yan’s foundation was really tragic.

(TL: The tragic here is actually an idiom 惨不忍睹 which means ‘spectacle too horrible to endure’)

The knowledge learned almost from the beginning of junior high school need to be re-learned again.

“ Teacher, I’ve let you down. Am I very disappointing?” Xiao Yan sat on the seat with a pale complexion while he looks at Ah Zhao with an uneasy look.

Ah Zhao remembered that he was sent here when he was ten years old. It was normal to not learn anything

She shook her head: “No, we can take it slowly.”

She was a woman who won’t be easily knocked down by such trifling things!

Xiao Yan seemed to be very uneasy. He suddenly stretched out his hand and took Ah Zhao’s hand: “Teacher, don’t hate me……”

Ah Zhao sighed and thought in her mind that the male lead is too fragile and sensitive.

She held Xiao Yan’s hand: “Don’t think of foolish things. Teacher won’t hate you.”

Xiao Yan said as if making a vow: “I will definitely study hard!”

Ah Zhao can’t help but pat his head: “Teacher believes in you.”

(TL: Actually, it said that she touched his head but it’s the same as patting)

Xiao Yan turned his head away and mumbled: “Don’t touch my head as if I’m a child.”

Ah Zhao broke into laughter: “Aren’t you still a child?”

She didn’t take the male lead’s words seriously but Xiao Yan’s words gave her a big surprise.

She was teaching him what she can but she hardly needs to tell them to him for a second time.

Ah Zhao looked at the male lead who was bowing his head while answering problems. She lamented to the system: “If he wasn’t delayed by his stepmother, won’t male lead had a reputation for being a genius already?”

If this were the case, how can Zhao Li that woman have such a nerve to declare that her stepson’s IQ has a problem?

She wondered how powerful her so-called genius son, Xiao Mo, is?

The system nodded hard in agreement: “After all, it’s the male lead. How can he not be excellent!”

Ah Zhao thought that what the system said was very reasonable.

On this side, Xiao Yan just finished answering the problems at hand and looked over her side.

As expected, all of them are correct.

Ah Zhao couldn’t resist from praising him: “Xiao Yan, you are really a genius!”

Xiao Yan bowed his head, a little embarrassed.

He chuckled in his mind. He had been in this place for six years. How could he just stay in a daze in his room?

These things, he originally knows.

It was just that she looks very happy because of this

Looking at her eyes sparkling with praise, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but admit that he reaped the benefits.

With this being the case, then he can only show a pretense?

[End of Chapter 17]

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TL: More chapters will arrive in a few hours... And by the way, I'll be traveling with my family tomorrow so these may be one of the last updates this year.


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