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December 18, 2018

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 13

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 13: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 13

Xiao Yan suddenly raised his head and looked at Ah Zhao.

“Stronger?” He repeated the word.

Ah Zhao nodded.

Xiao Yan hanged his eyes down. His long curly eyelashes were quivering, revealing a kind of fragile beauty.

He lowly laughed at himself: “How do I get stronger? You saw it, too. My mom left early and my dad doesn’t like me. I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything and I’m not likeable.”

“I have a half-brother who receives everyone’s high expectations.”

“I’m just a useless waste. How can I become stronger?”

Ah Zhao opened her eyes wide open: How can a man mourn so much?

She emotionally said: “No, you’re——”

Ah Zhao wanted to say that he is the male protagonist of this world and that he’s destined to be strong and embark on the pinnacle of life.

But she couldn’t say this, she could only tell him: “You are Xiao Yan ah.”

Xiao Yan didn’t speak.

Ah Zhao had not yet mastered the skill of comforting people. She could only dryly say: “No one is born superior or inferior to others. Xiao Yan, you need to have confidence in yourself.”

Seeing that Xiao Yan still didn’t speak, Ah Zhao racked her brain and continued: “I think you’re very good.”

Xiao Yan looked up at her. His eyes seemed to have a bright light in them.

Ah Zhao felt it is a good time to say this while the iron is hot: “Don’t you know who your teacher is? Teacher graduated from T University and yes, I am one of those legendary top students. Are you still not convinced of a top student’s vision? I said that you are very good. You are not worse than your brother. Don’t you believe me?”

Xiao Yan looked at the person who racked her brain to comfort him

He didn’t realize that the corner of his lips had already raised when he heard those clumsy words of comfort.

The other person was trying everything to comfort him and wanted to make him happy.

He originally tried to casually probe out to see her reaction.

But now, it turned into a deliberate seduction.

He wanted to see her think about himself and pour all her mind into him.

“Is teacher really telling the truth?”

The exquisite and beautiful teenager bows his head while tightly staring at her, subconsciously talking with a tone of tension and expectation. It’s like a little puppy that desperately needs the affirmation of its owner.

Ah Zhao’s heart melted into a pool of water.

She nodded hard: “Of course. In the future, you will be able to become a man who will stand at the pinnacle of life and everyone will look up at you with envy.”

“Will teacher keep looking at me?”

Ah Zhao froze for a moment then immediately nodded: “Of course!”

Xiao Yan smiled and took the initiative to hold Ah Zhao’s hand.

“Thank you, teacher. I had a good rest. Let’s go back.”

This was also good.

Whatever purpose she has, he was not going to pursue it.

As long as she only looks at himself like this, always coaxing him and only have him in her eyes. It was enough.

Xiao Yan felt the warm touch on the palm of his hand. His eyes are serene and the depth can’t be seen: Teacher, you must not deceive me…...

Ah Zhao looked at their hands with some entanglement.

It was clearly a serious positive energy chicken soup pouring scene.

How... how come they’re now holding hands?

[End of Chapter 13]

TL: I went Christmas shopping yesterday and I just came back from a Christmas party today. I'm so tired. Good thing I had this done two days ago, or else...


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    Just saying she brought this upon herself if she regrets this in the future because her waist hurts every night then I pray for you.


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