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December 15, 2018

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 12

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 12: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 12

Xiao Yan nodded. When he followed Ah Zhao, his foot “unexpectedly” went soft and he seems to be slamming into the ground.

The sharp-eyed Ah Zhao quickly held him up.

The sweet scent of a woman poured into his nose.

Xiao Yan’s face blushed red. He hurriedly pushed her away from him but due to his current body’s limp and powerless state, it basically had no effect.

Ah Zhao was very shocked in her mind at the degree of the male lead’s “weakness”. She has long forgotten to keep her distance from him.

She slightly frowned and held down Xiao Yan’s arm: “Don’t move. You don’t have enough strength?

Xiao Yan looked down as he was too embarrassed to answer.

Looking at this, Ah Zhao thought.

She remembered that the male lead resisted the approach of others. She asked again: “Will you feel uncomfortable if you lean on me now?”

Xiao Yan didn’t speak and only kept his head down. However, the tip of his ear which was half-hidden under his black hair had quietly turned red.

Ah Zhao didn’t think about it deeply and just felt happy in her heart at the male lead’s reaction.

He didn’t push her away.

What did this mean?

It shows that the male lead doesn’t have much resistance in having contact with her anymore!

(TL: You’re thinking too much. He’s just too weak to push you.)

Since he doesn’t resist her today, then she can slowly start trying to reach out to other people tomorrow.

Rounding off, the mission is half-completed in an instant.

Absolutely perfect!

“I’ll hold your arm and slowly walk back.” Ah Zhao’s voice couldn’t hide how good her mood is.

Xiao Yan felt a hand bypassing his arm. It gently and firmly held him up.

The warm sensation was transmitted through the place where the two people touched.

Ever since he was sent to this place at the age of ten, he had never had such intimate contact with anyone.

At the moment when Ah Zhao’s hand stretched over, Xiao Yan’s body reflexively stiffened.

He gnashed his teeth to restrain the urge of pushing the other side away, only to find out soon that he wasn’t as repulsed at the woman’s approach as he had imagined.

Xiao Yan froze for a moment.

He bowed his head down and looked at the other person’s hand.

After all these years, he had long been subconsciously clear that he does not like the habit of being close to strangers.

What was this situation?

Was Xu Zhao special? Or was it that he himself was not as resistant to others as he imagined?

“......Xiao Yan?” Ah Zhao’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

Xiao Yan raised his head and came into contact with Ah Zhao’s smiling eyes: “Teacher, what is it?”

“I said, you don’t need to be scared of other people.”

“What?” Xiao Yan didn’t react for a moment.

“For example, the butler and the aunts in the villa, they take your Xiao family’s salary and work for your family.”

Ah Zhao’s voice was not loud but it was enough for Xiao Yan to hear clearly.

“Your life shouldn’t be what they want you to be as what it looks like now.”

“It’s what you yourself like to become and what kind of life you want them to provide you.”

Xiao Yan expression looked complicated.

Saying it lightly, he had no father or mother here. Who cares about his opinion?

“So you have to make yourself strong.” Ah Zhao said.

Xiao Yan realized that what she just said is what he really thought in his mind.

His face looked stiff and he was even more upset in his heart: In front of Xu Zhao, his endurance and camouflage were always extra fragile.

Under normal circumstances, he couldn’t even really reveal half of his real thoughts in his mind at all.

He simply doubted that this woman has black magic.

Ah Zhao couldn’t really feel the waves she set off in the male lead’s mind.

She seized this opportunity to pour chicken soup:

(TL: chicken soup - chicken soup for the soul - i.e. feel-good motivational stories which are often used disparagingly because the stories don’t really have the effect of changing people’s lives)

“So if you want to change your current situation, you have to become stronger.”

“Strong enough to make everyone not dare to ignore your opinion and strong enough that no one dares to bully you.”

[End of Chapter 12]

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