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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Male lead, You're Overpowered 10

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 10: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 10

“I am not unwilling.” He stated firmly with a taut face.

 Ah Zhao was happy in her heart. As expected, what the book said was really useful!

“Then let’s go.”

When they were going out, the two met the butler again.

Obviously at this time and place, for the housekeeper to see Xiao Yan, it was not a coincidence.

“Young master?”

Xiao Yan cooperated very well as he showed a somewhat uneasy look.

When Ah Zhao saw his shrinking appearance, she gave a somewhat dissatisfied sigh in her heart but she felt more pity.

Obviously, he should be this place’s owner but just seeing the butler made him feel afraid.

“I’m taking out Xiao Yan for a run.” She said.

The butler frowned, showing a somewhat disapproving look: “But the young master’s body is not suitable for strenuous exercises.”

This was the reason they had always used to limit Xiao Yan’s actions.

Ah Zhao seriously raised her face.
In her eyes, the most important thing to do was to complete her mission.

All the people who prevent her from completing her mission are bad people!

So even if the butler was an old man who should be treated with politeness, she was still very unhappy.

“Mister Butler.” Ah Zhao fixedly looked at him, “Mrs. Xiao hired me to come and become Xiao Yan’s teacher. I don’t only have to focus on Xiao Yan’s education but I also have an obligation to be responsible for his body and his life.”

“If you have any problem with that, you can directly report it to Mrs. Xiao.”

Her expression looked indifferent, her back was straight, her chin raised too high. She was unaware that she was showing an arrogant posture: “As for now, you follow the madam’s arrangements. Any objections?”

The butler's heart shook. He was aware of the ins and outs of Xu Zhao’s matter.

A girl who came from an ordinarily waged family. Although she was admitted to the most famous university in China, she hadn’t experience professional etiquette training nor was there a rich background to develop a temperament.

Where did she get the confidence to show such an attitude to himself?

In particular, the atmosphere that came from Xu Zhao in a split second a moment ago is much stronger than his real employer, Xiao family’s current mistress, Zhao Li.

The butler was reluctant to admit that he was being subdued.

He told himself that it was the previous phone call with the madam, who made him cooperate with Xu Zhao. He definitely didn’t need to bother about Xu Zhao.

From now on, he will take a slight step back: “Since the madam said it, then Miss Xu, please do as you wish.”

Ah Zhao put away her attitude, she turned to look at Xiao Yan smilingly: “Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan face had an “I have no opinion” look. He gently nodded but he deeply thought inwardly.

He now had doubts about the information he had previously obtained.

Like the butler’s thoughts, Xiao Yan didn’t feel that Ah Zhao with that kind of temperament would be an ordinary girl.

He even thought a little bit more. Could Zhao Li, that selfish woman, control a person like Ah Zhao who has that kind of temperament?

Then…... who the hell was she in the end?

What was her purpose in getting close to him?

Xiao Yan turned to look at the person beside him. Her lips formed a slight smile, her eyes were clear and warm, and he can totally make out her cold and proud appearance earlier.

“What are you looking at me for?” Ah Zhao asked curiously after perceiving the male lead’s gaze.

Xiao Yan’s white cheeks flushed red and he bowed his head in panic. He mumbled: “I think, tea-- teacher is very…… good-looking.”

The last two words were said in almost a whisper but Ah Zhao still heard it.

“Marshmallow, the male lead complimented that I’m good-looking.” Ah Zhao happily said.

The system was very cooperative and released two fireworks into the air virtually: “Congratulations, Host. You now have a closer relationship with the male lead!”

[End of Chapter 10]



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