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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 7

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 7: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 7

Xiao Yan watched as Ah Zhao obviously showed a happy look because of what he said. He sneered in his mind at this exaggerated acting and followed her to continue walking forward.

A gust of evening wind blew through.

Ah Zhao, who was only wearing a thin shirt, subconsciously shuddered and blurted out: "So cold."

She remembered the male lead beside her and asked: "Xiao Yan, are you feeling cold or not?

Xiao Yan shook his head.

Ah Zhao touched his arm and looked at his jacket enviously: "You're still smart enough, you know how to wear a coat when you come out."

Xiao Yan sneered in his heart. Want to reveal your fox tail now?
(TL: fox tail is like an idiom for revealing one's evil nature or intentions.)

The next step, is she going to stick to him closely?

He looked at Ah Zhao very considerately: "Does teacher feel very cold? Do you want to wear my coat?"

In Xiao Yan's guess, the woman will certainly not miss this kind of opportunity.

Maybe, she'll push the boat with the current to do more excessive things.
(TL: push the boat with the current = to take advantage of the situation for one's benefit)

Unfortunately, Ah Zhao was not Xu Zhao.

She heard what he said and righteously rejected Xiao Yan, still not following the template:

"What are you talking about? Your own body is not well at all but you still want to be blasted by the wind? Put your clothes on and pull up the zipper!

Xiao Yan: "……?"

He seldom became at a loss like this. He somehow didn't understand what this woman was thinking.

Didn't she want to get close to himself? Why did she refuse such a good opportunity?

Looking at the male lead staring at her, the evening breeze blew his long hair into disarray and his too pale skin gave 0ff a near-transparent feeling.

Ah Zhao's heart softened in an instant.

The male lead was still a child.

He also knew how to get worried about whether she's cold or not. Such a good boy ah.

Still wanting to bully such a beautiful and lovable child, that stepmother really is not a person!

Ah Zhao softened her voice and gently said to Xiao Yan: "Teacher is an adult already. This wind is insignificant. Teacher appreciates your kindness."

Xiao Yan was silent for a moment. In his heart, he wanted to say: I don't want to care about her.

He was a bit irritated. He always felt that the performance of Xu Zhao always exceeded his expectations.

Xiao Yan didn't like this kind of feeling very much. This was developing beyond his sense of control.

He decided to push on.

Ah Zhao saw the teenager blinking his black eyes and softly said: "That, teacher can go closer to me so that the wind won't reach you."

Xiao Yan was trying it out on purpose. These words are in fact very inconsistent with his usual behavior, trying to be in proximity to a stranger.

But Ah Zhao only heard about the male lead from his stepmother and she didn't really believe that woman. Seeing the behavior of Xiao Yan at this time, increased her speculation that the description the stepmother gave as simply deliberately discrediting the male lead.

He was obviously only a somewhat introverted, fearful of strangers but well-behaved boy. Where were the excessive things she said!?

"Already knowing how to care for the teacher, Xiao Yan is already a man." Ah Zhao said beamingly.

When Xiao Yan heard this, his expression couldn't help but distort a little.

Why does he feel like this woman is coaxing him like a child?

After that remark, Ah Zhao didn't approach Xiao Yan as he guessed.

Because Ah Zhao still remembered what the male lead's stepmother and Xu Zhao spoke about.

Such a high salary was not just the cost of hiring her as a tutor. Zhao Li, that woman, indeed hoped that this private tutor will be able to teach going to bed with Xiao Yan.

And because of this, Ah Zhao subconsciously wanted to keep a little distance between her and the male lead.

[End of Chapter 7]

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