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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 5

Edited by Silv 

Chapter 5: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 5

Realising that Ah Zhao was still nagging and didn’t have any inclination to stop, he couldn’t help but open the door.

Ah Zhao looked at him. His lips were very tight and he had a seemingly very unhappy appearance.

Of course, from the first time Ah Zhao met him, the other party already looked like this.

Xiao Yan placed the tableware in his hand on the floor.

Seeing Ah Zhao looking at him, his lips moved and emphasized: “I brush my teeth every night.”

Ah Zhao froze for a moment. Then she nodded and beamingly praised him: “Xiao Yan is really great!”

Xiao Yan: “ ……”

He stated with an expressionless face: “I’m going to bed.”

Ah Zhao disapprovingly reached out to prevent the door from closing: “You’re going to sleep right after eating?”

Xiao Yan silently looked at her. His focus was on her hand which was holding the door.

Ah Zhao followed his gaze, determined not to let go. Rather, she said: “Resting immediately after eating is not good for your health. It’s likely your stomach won’t feel good. You’ll also get fat and have a pot belly……”

She gave a bunch of examples in one breath and finally concluded:

“Xiao Yan, shall we go for a walk together?”

Xiao Yan’s first reaction was to refuse but soon he changed his mind.

This woman, with so much effort, wasted so much energy talking. Didn’t she just want to go out alone with him?

What does she want to do?

Xiao Yan raised his head to look at Ah Zhao.

Ah Zhao simply thought that this look was a little strange. She nervously asked the system: “It’s my first time doing the mission. I’m not very proficient in this business. Did I just say something wrong?”

The system strived to think deeply about it and encouragingly said: “No problem! The host is doing very well!”

The encouraged Ah Zhao was instantly filled with confidence. A pair of big eyes was looking straightforwardly at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan lived up to her expectations and slowly nodded.

Thus, the servants who had worked in the villa for a long time saw something incredible:

Their young master who had always locked himself up in his room and never left the room actually went downstairs!

Seeing that the two of them seems to be going out, the butler immediately blocked the door.

“Young master, Miss Xu, what are you going to do?” The butler looked serious.

Ah Zhao strangely asked: “We’re going for a walk after eating. What’s wrong?”

The butler’s dull face appeared conflicted. Of course, there is no problem in going for a walk after eating. However, if the person who is going for a walk is replaced with young master Xiao Yan…...

Bowing his head, he looked at Xiao Yan and coldly stated: “As you know, Young Master Xiao Yan has some special circumstances. If you go out, I can’t guarantee the safety of the young master……”

Xiao Yan bowed his head and sneered.

He knew that this place has always been his prison.

Ah Zhao was very unhappy and interrupted the butler’s words.

She learned a lot of knowledge from the system and knew that she should be polite with the elderly.

However, the meaning behind the butler’s words made people feel uncomfortable. It was as if Xiao Yan was some kind of endangered species.

She opened her mouth and emphasized: “Mr. Butler, Xiao Yan just doesn’t like to talk very much. He is actually very good and very obedient. It’s his freedom to go out. Besides, if you don’t go out and stay in the house all day, you might feel stuffy and uncomfortable. I assure you that we’ll be careful when we go out and come back safely.”

The butler tried to persuade Ah Zhao but he ended up watching the two helplessly as they went out.

The butler made two people follow them from behind while he made a phone call to Zhao Li.

Zhao Li was surprised when she got the call: “They went out to take a walk together?”

Zhao Li thought proudly to herself. Her vision is really good. It’s only a day and Xu Zhao can already coax Xiao Yan out.

Sure enough, how can a young teenager resist the temptation of a hot beautiful teacher?

“You don’t need to care about them, um…… If necessary, cooperate with Xu Zhao……”

[End of Chapter 5] 

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TL: I don't like that butler. Don't you agree with me? Meanwhile, don't you notice that Xiao Yan keeps referring to Ah Zhao as "woman" in his mind?

Anyway, if anyone has anything they are confused about in the translation, you are free to comment on them. Even people without an account can comment as anonymous so feel free. However, I don't allow any comments that are not appropriate or abusive.


  1. I can't quite understand Zhao Li's evil plan to have a beautiful tutor make child pron with her step son. Unless that's what does it for her. That would make sense, I guess, and make her sufficiently evil. But I can't shake the feeling there's more to all this.

    1. Xiao Yan's father is already disappointed to have a "stupid" son like him. Zhao Li is too paranoid that she wants to cut of all roads for him. She wanted to make the father angry at him that he breaks off all relationships with him... Or at least, that's what I understood.

    2. Thanks for the reply, it really helped clear it up for me. I really think there should have been less gross plans Zhao Li could have tried, though.
      Oh and thanks for the chapter.

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. Thank you for the tl, the story looks promesing.

  4. Thank you for your hard work tl this story! 💕💕💕💕


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