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November 25, 2018

Male Lead You're Overpowered 4

Edited by Silv 

Chapter 4: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 4

Listening to Ah Zhao’s words, Aunt Zhang absolutely didn’t understand.

Perhaps it was because strangers seldom come here, she pulled Ah Zhao while having the mood to gossip, and advised her as a person of experience: “Miss Xu ah, let me tell you. Xiao Yan has always been indifferent and cold to people. Everyone knows that here he……”

She pointed to her own head and mysteriously said: “There is a problem.”

Seeing Ah Zhao look at her, Aunt Zhang straightened her back feeling pleased with herself and wore a look of absolute confidence.

Ah Zhao felt very unhappy when she heard this but knew it was not good to say anything as she looked at Aunt Zhang’s age. She can only urge her to quickly serve the meal.

Aunt Zhang watched as Ah Zhao went upstairs and then turned around to mutter with another maid, expressing her judgement.

This time, the object of gossip changed to Ah Zhao. Aunt Zhang’s expression also showed some disdain:

“So what if she was a student from a prestigious university? Dressed like that, did you see her when she came here? Having a thick makeup, dressed in a short dress, If my daughter is like that, I may kill her……”

Ah Zhao didn’t know that she had become a topic of gossip for others. She was in a good mood and came upstairs with her meal.

Xiao Yan was really obedient and even stayed at the doorway to wait for her.

Ah Zhao looked at his serene appearance and probingly asked him: “Is Xiao Yan willing to invite teacher into the room for dinner?”

Xiao Yan didn’t speak.

Fine, Ah Zhao understood. When the man doesn’t speak, it mostly means refusal.

She took a glance around, found a stool to place her meal on and directly sat down on the floor.

Xiao Yan glanced at her and silently started to eat.

Ah Zhao started to talk to him, from “What do you like to eat?” to “What do you want to learn?” to “What do you like to play?”......

Xiao Yan was silent the entire time, showing no response whatsoever.

It was only when he put his chopsticks down and wiped his mouth with a paper towel that he finally looked at Ah Zhao.

“Don’t talk while eating.” He indifferently stated.

Ah Zhao was dazed for a moment: Why wait for me to say a lot of words before reminding???

Xiao Yan came in contact with Ah Zhao’s black and white bewildered eyes. The face’s mood was covered up in one glance.

His gaze seemed to have been stabbed a little. He bowed his head and there was a trace of disgust in his heart.

Ah, still playing innocent in front of him?

Do you think that he is a teenager who doesn’t know anything?

He suddenly lost his appetite and put down his chopsticks: “I’m full.”

Ah Zhao looked at Xiao Yan with a dumbfounded face as he slammed the door shut.

She stupidly asked the system: “What happened to the male lead?”

The white cotton candy system’s body flashed and gleamed with white light, seemingly searching for relevant data. After a while, it replied: “It is said that adolescent teenagers have more mood swings and are moodier than normal people.

Ah Zhao nodded as if she understood clearly.

Inside the room.

Xiao Yan gently leaned against the door, thinking about how the woman outside the door would react.

Is it to act as if nothing happened or is it to fly into a rage out of humiliation?

Soon, his door was knocked on.

Did she lose her cool? Xiao Yan suddenly felt that it is too boring in his mind.

The next moment, Ah Zhao’s voice came in through from the other side of the door:

“Xiao Yan, even if you do not want to answer, bring outside the leftover food ah, or else the room will have a heavy smell."

Xiao Yan: “......”

Ah Zhao continued and earnestly urged him: “Also, remember to brush your teeth……”

Xiao Yan: “......”

[End of Chapter 4] 

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  1. Act as if nothing happened XD
    MC is like a Mom who just saw her Daughter having hee first period mood swing...

  2. MC was created so her master must put a mother setting in her.


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